How to choose and buy Aluminium alloy car shed?

2019-06-13 17:11:32

What should we pay attention to when buying a car shed? This has always been a question that many people want to know. Specialized in aluminum alloy shed manufacturers - Shenzhen Damu to tell you what specific needs to pay attention to.

  1. There are many kinds of raw materials for car shed on the market. Many consumers don't know which kind of raw materials to buy. Generally, as long as the raw material of the car shed is sunshade and rain-proof, the car shed with good raw material can not only shade and rain-proof, but also have the functions of durability, ultraviolet resistance, temperature resistance, impact resistance, flame retardant and so on. So when purchasing a car shed, we should first understand what functions the raw materials of the car shed have.

2. The price is related to the quality of raw materials, so the price of high-quality aluminium alloy car shed is higher than that of low-quality aluminium alloy car shed. Aluminum alloy profiles containing many impurities are usually used in poor quality aluminium alloy car shed. Some of the aluminium alloy profiles used are not qualified in wall thickness. It is very unsafe to build car shed. When choosing products, consumers can't afford to be cheap for a while and despise the personal safety of themselves and others.

3. When choosing the car shed, we must pay attention to the promise of the manufacturer and the quality of service. Brand promises good manufacturers will have relevant qualification certification, together in the scale of product quality and service system will compare standards.