Does the shed just stop?

2019-06-13 17:11:58

Many people think that the shed is just a place for parking vehicles. In fact, it benefits a lot, but it is far less single than imagined.

Above all, the most basic benefit is to be able to shield the car from the wind and rain. Because it can prevent the vehicle from being exposed to the sun and the bad luck caused by the wind and rain, it indirectly prolongs the service life of the vehicle and slows down the aging of your car.

Relevant data also prove this point. According to the survey, vehicles parked in the shed are twice as slow as those parked outside in the open air for a long time. Economic use can achieve greater benefits with less investment.

There are many kinds of car shed. The commonly used car shed has membrane structure and aluminum alloy car shed. What is the difference between the two kinds of car shed? The canopy material of membrane structure car shed is membrane structure, which is characterized by good flexibility and light transmittance of only 10%-20%. The support part is mainly steel structure, easy to rust and short service life. Aluminum alloy roof material is polycarbonate board, heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet, sun exposure will not occur yellowing, atomization, poor light transmission, transmittance as high as 88%. The skeleton is made of high strength aluminium alloy. The oxidation resistance of aluminium alloy is much higher than that of steel structure. Aluminum alloy is not easy to corrode, never rust and has a long service life. If it is recommended to do aluminium alloy car shed, both in terms of quality and appearance, aluminium alloy car shed is better than membrane structure car shed.

Secondly, the safety is high. Compared with the unprotected open-air parking, the car shed relies on its high-quality building materials to provide certain protective functions for the vehicle. When facing crisis, it reduces the impact loss of the vehicle through robust impact resistance.

Thirdly, the plan is beautiful and decorative. In addition to the practical results, the current car shed planning is increasingly seeking visual effects, like works of art, let people enjoy the aesthetic feeling. Especially the membrane structure and aluminum alloy car shed, the curve is more beautiful, the shape is rich and diverse, and the appearance is white, play a decoration effect.

Said so many benefits of the shed, but the most important thing is to pay attention to the purchase skills, otherwise, buy inferior shed, the functional advantages have not been brought into play, can not be cost-effective.