Do you know how to maintain the membrane structure car shed?

2019-06-13 17:13:03

Now membrane structure car shed can be seen everywhere in our life, but how to maintain these membrane structure car shed, the following will lead you to understand about the maintenance of membrane structure car shed.

In the process of steel structure processing, black oxides occur through edge rolling, cutting, welding or artificial heating treatment on the surface, resulting in the addition of black spots on the surface of steel, which affects the beauty.

1. Chemical method: Paint treatment for sandblasted steel components, primer-central paint-topcoat three-layer paint treatment. Titanium dioxide opalescent paint is used in the top coat of steel structure to achieve the purpose of whitening and maintenance of steel.

2. Grinding method: professional abrasive paper is used to grind steel components which are cut, stretched and bent and welded. Remove impurities such as oxides from steel structures.

3. Paint-repairing method: In the future when the equipment steel structure is finished, the local repainting paint for the joint welding of the steel structure will be applied. So white and clean the membrane structure of the shed came out.

4. Sandblasting method: The main method of sandblasting is to use compressed air to spray abrasives on the surface of steel at high speed to remove the black oxide scales on the surface of the polished steel structure. Shot peening mainly uses the data of appropriate size and shape to make shot peening, and centrifugal force to make shot peening impact steel surface with certain energy, so as to improve the surface gloss of steel.