• Do you know how to maintain the membrane structure car shed?

    Now membrane structure car shed can be seen everywhere in our life, but how to maintain these membrane structure car shed, the following will lead you to understand about the maintenance of membrane s


  • The Benefits of Seismic Performance of Membrane Structure Carshed

    When the earthquake occurs, if the building does not have the necessary seismic ability, it will bring huge loss, as for the membrane structure of the car shed.The materials used in the membrane struc


  • Does the shed just stop?

    Many people think that the shed is just a place for parking vehicles. In fact, it benefits a lot, but it is far less single than imagined.Above all, the most basic benefit is to be able to shield the


  • How to choose and buy Aluminium alloy car shed?

    What should we pay attention to when buying a car shed? This has always been a question that many people want to know. Specialized in aluminum alloy shed manufacturers - Shenzhen Damu to tell you what


  • How to Select Membrane Structure Sheds and Aluminum Alloy Sheds

    There are many kinds of car shed. The commonly used car shed has membrane structure and aluminum alloy car shed. What is the difference between the two kinds of car shed?The canopy material of membran


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